Byron Katie Quotes

The education you need is within you

I don’t try to educate people.  Why would I do such a thing?  My only job is to point you back to yourself.  When you discover one inside yourself, behind everything you’re thinking-the marvelous don’t-know mind, you’re home free.

The don’t-know mind is the mind that is totally open to anything life brings you.  When you find it, you have found your way.



The education you need is within you.  How can what is already within you be taught?

It can only be realized.  If you’re willing to go inside and wait for the truth, your inborn wisdom meets the question, and the answer rings true as if it were a tuning fork inside your own being.


– Byron Katie

Excerpt from A Thousand Names For Joy.

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You might want to read the Introduction of The Work of Byron Katie by Stephen Mitchell. 


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