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Meet Your Dark Side

Hi friends!

This is me, Aki, writing this article today.

I usually tend to quote what Katie says because she describes things so perfectly!

And yet, you might want to hear from me, too!  So, here you go!



I just happen to find a wonderful interview on an author, Robert Greene, by Lewis Howes.

OMG!  It was exactly what I needed to watch!

Mastery of my dark side to succeed.

(Yes, I will put the link at the end of this article!)

I watched their other interview basically the content was same, but in there Lewis is more honestly showing his “dark” side, and it was so good to watch.  I will add the link to the interview, too.



I loved what they were talking about how our “dark” side (some calls it as shadow side) is the key to success.

I took it as it is a key to my serenity, peace with myself.

Because I hate to see my dark side, I often push it away.

Yet, only when I really take time and meet my emotions, my child self, my identity, my unsolved issue, I totally feel free.



Yesterday, I was facilitating a wonderful friend on her concept on money.

Somehow, it took us to her youth time, where she was so young and alone, not knowing what to do, feeling so lonely, and nobody cares about her.


She believed she had to take care of herself alone, and the feeling was deeply rooted in her.

She believed money will save her out.


It was her “dark” side, in a way.  A dark place she doesn’t want to go back.

So, we took time to feel the emotions, sadness and despair.

Then somehow, she felt much safer after that.



I find it so often, when we dive directly into what we are fearful of, we find the deepest relief.

So, ever since yesterday, I am diving into my fear whenever it shows up.

It’s working!  So good to meet myself in there and find it is now in the past, not here anymore.



I strongly recommend you to watch either of the videos!  (The second one is my favorite!)


And I purchased Robert Greene’s book, The Laws of Human Nature.

Here is the quote of today from the book.


Bold part is so relating to The Work!



You like to imagine yourself in control of your fate, consciously
planning the course of your life as best you can. But you are
largely unaware of how deeply your emotions dominate you. They
make you veer toward ideas that soothe your ego. They make you
look for evidence that confirms what you already want to believe.
They make you see what you want to see, depending on your mood,
and this disconnect from reality is the source of the bad decisions and
negative patterns that haunt your life. Rationality is the ability to
counteract these emotional effects, to think instead of react, to open
your mind to what is really happening, as opposed to what you are
feeling. It does not come naturally; it is a power we must cultivate,
but in doing so we realize our greatest potential.

Robert Greene, excerpt from The Laws of Human Nature.



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