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There is always light for you

Today I received great news from my previous client.

She has been suffering from panic attacks since she was a teenager for about 40 years.


She stayed home most of the time because she was afraid of having a panic attack.

In her case, she was afraid to see mixed colors.

She couldn’t bear to see her gray hair mixed with her black hair.

So she couldn’t dye her hair.

She was likely to have a panic attack just by imagining a mixture of gray and black hair.

So she spent many of her days pulling out her gray hair one by one.



By the time she came to me, she had already gone to many other counselors and therapists.

So she had a lot of knowledge about trauma, inner child healing, psychology, and spiritual things,

And none of them was helping her.
With too much knowledge, she was confusing her head.

The first thing I asked was, “You have to heal you. Is that true?”


What we did was a mix of The Work of Byron Katie and other emotional techniques like parts work.

And last May, we decided to end the session for now.

Because we both felt the time has come.


Ten months after that, I happened to talk to her on the phone.

She told me,

“Aki. When I was pulling out my gray hair one by one, I couldn’t see any hope for the future.

I was very tired. I didn’t have the power to live.

But now I can dye my hair and I have hope for the future. Now I’m in my twenties.

I feel the power to live. ”



I was very happy to hear that.

Because I know how scary, lonely, and miserable it feels when I can’t see any hope for the future.

If you are in a dark place now, you can also find the light.

Please do not give up.

There is always a way. There is always someone for you.






For more information about The Work, visit TheWork.com

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