Byron Katie Quotes

You don’t have to do anything for love

When you say or do anything to please, get, keep, influence, or control anyone or anything,

fear is the cause and pain is the result.


Manipulation is separation, and separation is painful.



Another person can love you totally in that moment, and you’d have no way of realizing it.



If you act from fear, there’s no way you can receive love,

because you’re trapped in a thought about what you have to do for love.


Every stressful thought separates you from people.



But once you question your thoughts,

you discover that you don’t have to do anything for love.



It was all an innocent misunderstanding.


When you want to impress people and win their approval,

you’re like a child who says,

“Look at me  Look at me!”



It all comes down to a needy child.

When you can love that child and embrace it yourself,

the seeking is over.




– Byron Katie

Excerpt from I Need Your Love -Is That True?




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