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The Work on your sensation

Have you written a worksheet on your body?

Then how about on your sensation?



I find it very useful to write a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet on my sensation.



I facilitated a woman whose boyfriend just left her.

She wanted him to come back.

In her worksheet, she wrote “I need him to take care of my feelings.”



I asked her how she treats her sensations when she believes the thought.

“I push it away”, she answered.

“I run away from it.  I push it down.  I don’t want to feel it.”



Then I asked her if she wants to take time to feel the sensation.

Unwillingly, yet with some curiosity, she agreed, and sat with her sensation.




After 4-5 minutes, she took a big breath and said she was okay now.

She said all the things she was afraid didn’t happen.

Her sensation didn’t do anything to her.




I asked her.

“You need him to take care of your feelings.  Is it true?”

She said no.

“I am able to take care of my feelings and sensation.  I don’t need him to come back and do that. ”



If you feel scared to do this exercise by yourself,

I invite you to find someone you can trust to hold a space for you.

I promise you will be just fine.

Of course, you don’t need to trust me.

You can test it yourself and find out.



Sending you Love,




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