Byron Katie Quotes

We’re waiting for an example. You’re the one.

We don’t know how to change;

we don’t know how to forgive or how to be honest.



We’re waiting for an example.

You’re the one.

You are your only hope,

because we’re not changing until you do.




Our job is to keep coming at you,

as hard as we can,

with everything that angers, upsets, or repulses you,

until you understand.



We love you that much,

whether we’re aware of it or not.



This whole world is about you.

So, to put The Work into action,

begin with the voice inside you that’s telling you what we should do.



Realize that it’s actually telling you what to do.

When it says, “He should pick up the socks,”

listen to the turnaround:

“I should pick up the socks,” and just do it.



Stay in the flow that’s effortless and unending.

Pick them up until you love it, because it’s your truth.

And know that the only important house to clean is your mind.


– Byron Katie




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