Coaching with Aki

The Work Private Session

Let’s dive into the inquiry with me.


When I first started doing The Work,

I found doing the inquiry by myself very difficult.

It took real stillness, openness, and courage to question my belief.


My mind was too busy defending my beliefs to be fully open to question them.


This is why I offer my session to people.

I know how difficult it is for you to question your thought and how you are so hard on yourself when you cannot.


I will hold a very safe space for you so that you can truly experience your inquiry.


Session Detail


60-minute session:   Just simply do The Work. USD80  

Sliding Scale ($50-$80) is available.  If your budget is limited, please contact us and let’s discuss the options.


90-minute session:  USD120  

Sliding Scale ($75-$120) is available.  If your budget is limited, please contact us and let’s discuss the options.


Book a Session


Please write to me and let me know what day and time works for you.

If you want to learn more about the session, I’m happy to meet you for 20- 30 minutes to answer your questions!

Session will be through zoom, and let’s set a time according to our time difference.

I’m located in Japan.



My The Work Experience

I first leaned about The Work in 2007.  It was introduced by my counseling teacher as a non-duality technique.  At the time, it sounded too “enlightened” and fake to me.

I took a session with a facilitator who just came back from The School for The Work (9-days School Katie offers to deeply dive into the world of inquiry).  The concept I worked on was “He doesn’t love me.”
When the facilitator asked me to find examples to a turn around, “He does love me”, I could not find any example I feel sure.  I felt forced to find examples I don’t feel right, and I immediately hated The Work.

That was my first impression of The Work!  Lol.

It took me another 5 years for The Work to find me again, and you might want to read the rest of the story in the following page,  … about me.



Alicia Segreste
 I have been working with Aki the last 2 years on a regular basis. I can find in Aki a lovely, caring, compassionate facilitator who has given me the support to inquiry my deepest judgments and always be held by her lovely heart. Gracias Aki 
Brandy Montague
 I absolutely love working with Aki. She listens more intently than anyone I have ever met. She’s calm, patient, and she makes me feel understood. I know that she genuinely cares about how I’m feeling, and she genuinely helps me find ways to feel more joy in my life. My favorite part of working with Aki is that she deeply understands so many different modalities, and she helps me with whatever seems to fit at the time it’s needed.  
Marcela Greer
 You are a true gem! Thank you Aki for your calm and perceptive presence during your facilitations. You provided a safe harbor for me where all my fears were met with compassion. You held me gently with steadiness through the process of my inquiry allowing me to find how to end my hell of “Not good enough.” Your warmth and understanding carried me through the rough waters of my emotions. You patiently facilitated me until I clearly saw new perspectives on how to live fully. You are a true gem! 
Natalie Wen
 I admire Aki’s dedication and diligence in practicing The Work. I experience her as thorough, open, and supportive. As a facilitator, she holds an open space and follows her client closely. She offers good insight from her extensive personal experience of doing The Work. As a Certified Facilitator, Aki continues deepening her practice by supporting a wide variety of The Work events, and training Certification candidates. I whole heartedly recommend Aki to anyone who wishes to learn about The Work. 

To book a session

Bring your family stories.  Bring your stressful situation with your partner.
Bring your anger and irritation.
Let’s take a journey together.

To book a session, please write to




For more information about The Work, visit

You might want to read the Introduction of The Work of Byron Katie by Stephen Mitchell.