Let’s do The Work with Aki

For Private Session

I will support you finding the cause of your sufferings and finding your own solutions through The Work of Byron Katie.

60-minute session:  for people who already know the process of The Work.  Just dive into the inquiry and find the truth underneath your belief.

Five 60-minute sessions: US$400 (US$80 per session)

90-minute session:  for people who need support on how to find beliefs around the situation, how to do the inquiry as a meditation or for those who want to go deeper.

Five 90-minute sessions:  US$600 (US$120 per session)

Payment is through Paypal.


Session will be through zoom, and we will set a time according to our time difference.

Bring your family stories.  Bring your stressful situation with your partner.
Bring your anger and irritation.
Let’s take a journey together.

For Schedule, please write to aki@openyourmind-openyourheart.com