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Earning Money with The Work


“The future shows me why the money comes in. It is backwards. I am a conduit. There is nothing I can do not to have everything I need.” Byron Katie, page 147, Question your Thinking, Change your World. 



Our stories about ourselves, the future, earning money, and lack, shape reality and ourselves in perceived and unrealised ways. 


Do you struggle earning money? 

Do you feel guilty asking for money?

What do you believe about success?

What thoughts about money are stopping you from sharing The Work?


We inquire into our stories around these thought groups and through this process, open ourselves up to what we believe around lack and where we innocently prevent our growth.  



Who would you be without your stories around earning money and sharing The Work?  




Here we will deep dive into money, the future and earning money keep us from sharing The Work. 


This is a Live Online Course. For five weeks, we meet twice a week.

The eCourse takes place on Fridays and Sundays we meet for our inquiry circle, where we continue inquiring into the topics we addressed in the previous eCourse. 

  • Sessions will be recorded and available for playback.

  • Self-Partner pairing is made available. 

  • In a closed Facebook group we will share our insights and realizations and new underlying believes that show up. 

  • For your personal growth in inquiry, Follow-up exercises will be provided following the eCourse sessions. 

  • Your participation at all 10 live online sessions is required. 

“The abundance that I AM is truth. That’s all. I’m not going to get wealth on the other side of truth… I’m going to get something much higher than that. Something SO POWERFUL that everything else looks like NOTHING. As long as I think it should look like money, I’m really cheating myself. That IS my poverty.” Byron Katie’s answer in a live session to a participant’s question. 


eCourses:  Fridays June 26th, July 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th.
Inquiry Circles:  Sundays June 28th, July 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th.
7:30 pm to 9:00 pm PDT 


Registration DetailsTo register please send an Email to Tammy@keturaconsulting.com with all of your contact details. She will send you payment link. Your space is confirmed when your payment has gone through. 
Cost $600 – $900USD sliding scale
Cancellation PolicyCancellations must be made in writing. Refunds will be offered before June 12th, no refunds after unless we are able to fill your spot in which case your tuition will be refunded less a $100 processing fee. If you do not send advance notice of your cancellation, if you do not attend, or if you leave the eCourse early, your payment is non-refundable and non-transferable.





Where do I start with these two? When I began attending Aki and Tammy's course on money, it became apparent to me just how much they meet attendees on the same plane. We explored dimensions together- rather than being guides, they were like fellow explorers with a strong understanding of how to explore, and an equally strong willingness to explore even places that may have been scary for their minds. In my opinion, this is the ideal place for a facilitator to be...like Katie says, she's as much a student as the rest of us are. She's just done more worksheets. This is why I'm happy to be with them in a course. They're balanced, they're open, they're receptive, explorative, curious, and well versed in The Work. It makes any "course" they do as much a deep and expansive inquiry in and of itself, as it is a source of gentle, non-hierarchal guidance for people to get familiar with what it means to do The Work with certain thoughts. They're also damn good at spotting sponsor thoughts...aka thoughts that underlie and serve as keystones for a lot of different thoughts that we list out in preparation for inquiry. This recommendation goes on and on. Point being? You'll want to be in their courses.



Tammy is helping me recover from narcissistic abuse and given me one on one training in "The Work". The changes to my life have been amazing, as she coaches me in serving myself peace at the core of the problem in my thoughts. Her beautiful sensitive heart centred presence has been a healing place for me, at a time of great turmoil. She is clear, insightful, and provides excellent training in this practice. I feel better, more empowered to face the challenges ahead as I am learning to be active this daily skill. I look forward each week to spending time in "the work" with Tammy and I am having insights that are changing my life. Without traditional goal setting, I have lost weight, left an abusive relationship, moved to safety all within 3 months! She's wonderful! Tammy' s skills have served healing specific to my recovery from emotional and violent abuse. I recommend her highly to you.


NATALIE WEN DesignationCertified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

I admire Aki’s dedication and diligence in practicing The Work. I experience her as thorough, open, and supportive. As a facilitator, she holds an open space and follows her client closely. She offers good insight from her extensive personal experience of doing The Work. As a Certified Facilitator, Aki continues deepening her practice by supporting a wide variety of The Work events, and training Certification candidates. I whole heartedly recommend Aki to anyone who wishes to learn about The Work.


About Presenters

Aki Y Tammy K

For the past 15 years, Aki has been supporting people who suffer from their strong emotions finding their peace and freedom despite their experiences.  In 2012, The Work came to her and has deepened her understanding of her own thoughts and her service supporting people finding a way out from their misery, their stories about themselves.   

The Work came into Tammy’s life in 2013. It took her from the edge of existence back into the middle of life and left no rock unturned along the way. Since then Tammy has been sharing The Work in academic Institutions, the community, and in 2018 she has been growing her business sharing The Work.