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The four questions and the turn-arounds help you move from confusion to clarity

The Work too is like a raft.

The four questions and the turn-arounds help  you move from confusion to clarity.


Eventually, through practice, you no longer impose your thinking onto reality,

and you can experience everything as it really is: as pure grace.

At that point the questions themselves become unnecessary.

They are replaced by a wordless  questioning that undoes every stressful thought immediately, as it arises.


It’s the mind’s way of meeting itself with understanding.

The raft has been left behind.

You have become the questions.

They’ve become as natural as breathing, so they’re no longer needed.



When we reach the “other” shore,

we realize that we have never left the shore we started from.

There’s only one shore, and we are already there,

though some of us haven’t realized it yet.


We think that we need to get from here to there, but there turns out to be here.

It was here all along.


– Byron Katie

Excerpt from A Mind At Home With Itself.


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